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We work with exclusive parfums which are sold selectively, the brands come from Italie, Spain, France and United states of America. Those brands work as much as possible with essential oils, because of this the perfumes are more comfortable and softer.

A perfume contains a certain amount of ingredients and we work in the eau de parfum from 14% up to 30%. The higher the part of ingredients the more softer the perfum will be. A great developing on your skin as result.

We hope you will enjoy and if we can help to find you a great perfum we love to help you.




Product no.: SBPRIMALA

The scent of the anthill. An imaginative depiction of the inner sanctum of ants, their organized society and their myriad twisted little tunnels.

125.00 *
Product no.: SBPRIMALN

The home of Mexican born Rodrigo Flores-Roux who willingly let Santi Burgas "borrow" his most persona

125.00 *
Product no.: SBPRIMALT

Santi Burgas' personal homage to the town where he lives and where the brand was born. 

125.00 *
Product no.: AM166100

When the rush of a whirling wind picks up the scent of smoky, black Agarwood

190.00 *

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Product no.: TERPROF/ARE

The most carefree and joyful stop on this incredible journey is the beautiful Sicily, in an enchanting sea of emotions

170.00 *
Product no.: NB120601

Pure vanilla, a gourmand fragrance that warms the heart and envelops you in a sweet cloud.

105.00 *
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