Profumi del Forte

Profumi del Forte


Towards the middle of the 19th century, the noble families of Tuscany chose what was just a small village as their holiday retreat. Tall men in their top hats, flourishing ladies in white dresses ruffled by the sea breeze... images that are engraved in memory.

Forte dei Marmi was born almost by chance.

The climate in Forte dei Marmi is fantastic: a cool breeze that refreshes hot summer days blows down from the Apuan Alps, where Michelangelo Buonarroti sought precious marble to embellish so many splendid "palazzi". The Napoleonic fort, built in 1788 by Leopoldo I di Lorena, Grand-duke of Tuscany, seems to have been raised almost to protect from prying eyes the holiday privacy of the families of high-society. As time passed, year after year, Forte dei Marmi’s vocation remained the same: nowadays the most famous of Italian artists and entrepreneurs continue to stroll down the tree-lined streets among the rich pine woods. Rich Lombard and Piedmont families built splendid villas surrounded by luxurious gardens for weekend getaways in search of tranquillity.

Thus Forte dei Marmi’s notoriety grew as a place of peace and elegance, ideal for those escaping busy city life seeking rest and tranquillity. It is in Forte dei Marmi, for example, that the young generations of the most important families spent their summer holidays. Families that made and continue to make the history of Italy. But also the excesses of recent years are found in Forte dei Marmi - leading personalities from the cultural world, show business and the international "Beau Monde" all meet here.

Here is and was Forte dei Marmi: a mirror reflecting all of Italy. Every glance in some way brings to mind the historical moments of the Country.

Profumi del Forte relate this atmosphere to the senses of those who have lived them, but also to those who couldn’t be there but are not impervious to its charm.



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Versilia Aurum 100ml

Product no.: PFN0012

The first impression is that of a colorful basket of fruit: a joyful spray of orange, strawberry, plum.

145.00 *

Profumi del Forte Nero

Product no.: PFN0008

A glance and a scent. The recipe for bewitchment and seduction. Cypress, pine resin and incense as arrows.

145.00 *

Profumi del Forte Bianco

Product no.: PFN0009

An escape from reality and the beginning of a dream.

145.00 *

Profumi del Forte Vintage Ambra

Product no.: PFN0010

The elegance of grey amber and the serenity of orange. The sweetness of ylang-ylang, the warmth of cedar wood

145.00 *

Profumi del Forte Mythical woods

Product no.: PFN0005

 A hint of agarwood softened by sandalwood, amber, and the perfect companion, saffron.

125.00 *

Profumi del Forte Toscanello

Product no.: PFN0001

A complex and unique blend in which tobacco dominates but in a sophisticated, gustative way

125.00 *

Profumi del Forte Vetiver Modern

Product no.: PFN0002

It starts fresh and diffusive, a combination of hesperidic notes - bergamot, lemon and pink grapefruit 

125.00 *

Profumi del Forte VITTORIA APUANA

Product no.: PFN0007

Sensuous and delicate, coconut and vanilla in a concert of freshness, in a cascade of emotions.

125.00 *

Corpi Caldi

Product no.: PFN0003
125.00 *
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